Results suggest that the combination of durvalumab and olaparib was well-tolerated and had clinical activity in heavily pretreated, BRCA-wildtype ovarian cancer patients.
Olaparib maintenance may prolong progression-free survival in patients, regardless of the number of previous platinum-based chemotherapies.
Similar to the capsule formulation, olaparib tablets have no cumulative toxicity, few late-onset adverse events, and a low rate of treatment discontinuation.
Progression-free survival associated with rucaparib is not affected by the number of prior chemotherapy regimens.
Promising safety results from the CORAIL trial suggest a place for lurbinectedin in treating platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.
The novel combination of carboplatin, pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, and bevacizumab has a promising safety and efficacy profile.
Patients receiving psychological support in the OVPSYCH2 randomized study showed reduced fear of progression compared with those without support.
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