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Common Questions from NSCLC Patients and Their Caregivers

Lauren Welch, Kammi Fox-Kay, and Cathy Simmons share their experiences on the most common questions they are asked by their NSCLC patients and their caregivers, including chances for survival, the meaning of NGS, the stage of their cancer, and nutritional advice.


  • February is Cancer Prevention Awareness Month.

    In addition to our regular monthly TON recommended article, we are also providing our readers with two additional articles from Conquer, our patient’s journey website. The first article features an interview with Jay Jay French, the lead guitarist and founding member of Twisted Sister, on the importance of cancer screening. The next article is written by Maimah Karmo, the founder of the Tigerlily Foundation, who is also a breast cancer survivor. In this article, she discusses the importance of sharing health history as a means of prevention.
    Linked below is our cancer awareness category because being aware can be the first step to cancer prevention.

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  • 65% of Americans 21 Years of Age and Older Report Not Being Up to Date on at Least One Routine Cancer Screening

    Alexandria, VA—In the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s first annual Early Detection Survey, 65% of Americans aged ≥21 years say they are not up to date with one or more routine cancer screenings.

  • Straight Talk From a Twisted Sister

    Remember Twisted Sister? Just the name conjures up images of men with wild, flowing hair in full glam makeup and ripped spandex, chanting, “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” It became the mantra of a generation. Ah, the '80s were a great decade.

  • Talking About the "C" Word With Your Family: How Sharing Our Health History Can Save Lives

    One of the most important things we can do for our health is to share our family health history. Knowing our family’s health history can help us understand our risk for certain diseases and take steps to prevent them or catch them early.