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COA Conference Highlights

A Medically Integrated Pharmacy Care (MIPC) model represents the true integration of pharmaceutical and medical oncology care. At the virtual 2020 Community Oncology Alliance (COA) Community Oncology Conference, Jim Schwartz, RPh, Executive Director, Pharmacy Operations, Texas Oncology, Dallas, discussed this model, which he said provides clarity of focus around complex disease states. Read More ›

A survey of oncology practices participating in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Oncology Care Model (OCM) revealed that a “surprising” number of practices are willing to enter into a 2-sided risk arrangement, according to Bo Gamble, Director, Strategic Practice Initiatives, Community Oncology Alliance (COA). Mr Gamble, who discussed these survey results at the virtual 2020 COA Community Oncology Conference, said these results suggest that practices are becoming more comfortable with the OCM, and more confident in their own ability to operate within a value-based care model. Read More ›

Breast cancer doctors got it right a long time ago when they began characterizing malignancies with classifications such as hormone-receptor and HER2 status, according to Alexander Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, Medical Oncologist, Virginia Cancer Specialists, Fairfax. Read More ›