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University of Pennsylvania researchers compare the benefits of PET-CT scans and bone scans with regard to initial assessment of patients with limited-stage small-cell lung cancer (SCLC). Read More ›

Study shows diagnosis and treatment discrepancies exist between urban and rural women with breast cancer. Read More ›

Specific genetic variants may determine a woman’s risk of breast cancer following treatment with selective estrogen receptor modulator drugs. Read More ›

Study results showed that antibodies are present in one-third of patients with oropharyngeal cancer. Read More ›

A Dana-Farber Cancer Institute study supports observation for men with low-risk prostate cancer. Read More ›

UCLA researchers describe a new procedure, a combination endoscopy and laparoscopy surgery, which aids in the removal of large polyps. Read More ›

Moffitt Cancer Center researchers studied quality of life in patients taking tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Read More ›

Study shows effectiveness of combination imaging system when restaging recurrent prostate cancer. Read More ›

A recent study by Wake Forest Baptist researchers revealed a lower rate of physical activity among rural cancer survivors. Read More ›

Nuovo Regina Margherita Hospital researchers determine women can undergo initial virtual colonoscopy years later than men. Read More ›

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