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Trial results were presented at 2013 ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer. Read More ›

Study shows that mothers strive to educate their children by sharing genetic testing results. Read More ›

Study reveals that surgeries to remove tumors in soft tissue of limbs do not always involve an oncology specialist. Read More ›

Moffitt Cancer Center study findings show risk is greater among unmarried men and men who smoke. Read More ›

Study by Johns Hopkins researchers may affect future treatment plans for African American men diagnosed with very low-risk prostate cancer. Read More ›

Study shows medical insurance coverage may influence the growing number of papillary thyroid cancer diagnoses. Read More ›

New study shows that more than 6% of patients diagnosed with melanoma experience a recurrence a decade or more following initial treatments. Read More ›

Study shows higher mortality rates among survivors of heart failure diagnosed with cancer. Read More ›

Scientists at Baylor Research Institute have created a simple blood test that aids in the detection of colorectal cancer. Read More ›

Identification technique involves single nucleotide polymorphisms. Read More ›

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